About Me


Hi I’m Michael, Webmaster for the Werner’s Weather /Ham Radio In the Tennessee valley. What made me start making a website on weather was when I was still in high school trying to come up with something to work on. Then it hit me. I should make a website about weather and ham radio. When I started working on the website I had no idea how it was going to come out till I was done. When it was done I thought Wow! This look’s great. Now I can give people weather via email an on a website. I got my amateur radio License in July 1995 as a No Code tech. Then in August of 1996 I upgraded my license to tech-plus. I think that ham radio is a great hobby because of what you get out of it. On June 7th of 1997 I got my basic storm spotter certificate. Then on October 23,2001 I got my advanced certificate