Mike: Hi, I’m Michael Werner with Ham Radio in the Tennessee Valley News.

Jenny: Hi, I’m Jenny Lux with People First of Huntsville, a disability advocacy organization.

Mike: We’re talking about three ways you can show the love to others.

Jenny: We know this is a difficult and unsure time, but we have some ideas to make things better.

Mike: #1 – Stay in contact with your family and friends with phone and video chatting.

Jenny: Being able to reach out in this way can ease your feelings of tension and anxiety.

Mike: #2 – If you know of resources, please be sure to spread the news.

Jenny: This could be as simple as baking for your neighbors or spreading the news of a new food pantry.

Mike: #3 – If you go out, wearing a mask is the best way to show the love.

Jenny: This is showing the love for others as well as protecting yourself!!!

Mike: Please be sure to give us a like and share with your friends.

Jenny: Also, use the hashtags #showthelove and #wearamask to support our cause. Thank You!!!

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