When you think of Someone in a Wheelchair. You think that person would just sit there and not do anything . That’s not the case when it comes to Kayla Beard . Kayla at the age 32 lives in Harvest Al. With her Mom , Dad and her sister Who is a Student at JSU . Kayla is a board member for many groups in the state of Alabama. One of Groups Kayla is part of is Ms . Wheelchair Alabama/America inc and the other is the the Spina Bifida Association of Alabama. Ms. Beard has with both of these groups for many years new . Two of the Events Kayla is part of every year . One of them is a bowling event and the other is ms wheelchair of Alabama. Kayla would like people that are in wheelchairs are just you and I but we sometimes have our limitation. But kayla don’t let that stop kayla from doing what she likes to do. And that’s helping others in need.

I personal would like to think Kayla for sharing her story with me . To find out how you can help any of these groups just visit the links below this report

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