Hello everyone and welcome to the Aprs software setup part 2 . In this report I’ll show you the last steps you need to get your Aprs on the air.

1.Bring up you aprs software?

2.from this screen go to configure  and then port
3 Click on add new port
you should a picture like this
 from this you need to name the port  for. This demo Call mine sound modem

the click on ok

when you do this an option come this says port type. as shown here

Select tc/ip from here
from which you’ll this option come up

from here you’ll enter the following ip address
ip/dns is
port is 8100
When you are done click  
4. click on enable And select sound modem
after you set all this up go to configure
you should see a screen like this 
Enter your callsign and passcode then your all set . If you have any questions please feel free to Email me

By kf4bog

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