First of all, let me say on behalf of the senior leadership of the Alabama ARRL Cabinet, a big thank you for accepting to take on the challenging position of being a “Special Needs Liaison” for Alabama. We appreciate your excitement and willingness to offer your ideas and opinions to those that want to get involved in amateur radio with special needs.
I have copied the PIC, SEC, and all of the ASM’s on this email so they too see the details of your new appointment for Alabama.
Your official title will be:
Please note that I am adding the title PIO (Public Information Officer) as this is really more in line with what you will be able to help us do with sharing information to our leadership team about events and or concerns with amateur radio and special needs and also allow you a means for sharing with clubs and those that contact you information on how others are experiencing amateur radio with special needs.
Your PIC (Public Information Coordinator) for the Alabama is Mr. Ed Tyler, N4EDT and he is responsible for all public information sharing for Alabama as it relates to Amateur Radio. Ed has been involved in ARRL and Amateur radio for a long time and has served in a senior leadership PIC role for a long time. Ed will be a great resource to help you and guide you in terms of how we share information, how we vet and edit information before releasing, and how we obtain leadership approvals before we release PIO information on social media, email, etc.
If you get to attend the BARC hamfest, please look for Ed as he always attends and is very well known in the Public Information world. He will also have some time during our ARRL Section Manager Forum. Ed, Greg Sarratt, and I will share this hour during the Section Manager forum.
So, I did communicate with Rick (Signman) and gave him the above information for your new sign. The sign will be Blue.
Thank you again for your service to others as that is the only reason any of us have accepted these positions to help others with Amateur Radio.

JVann Martin, W4JVM
Section Manager

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