Our existing special needs liaison for District 6 is Michael Werner, KF4BOG. In speaking with Michael and the EC for Madison Co, Tim L.
Holland, KK5H Michael has agreed to serve as the Special Needs Liaison for the State. This means that Michael is willing to share his story, techniques, and how he handles challenges while being an amateur operator in Alabama. Michael volunteers his services in his local district to help make others aware that even though you may have special needs, you can still strive to be an active amateur radio operator.

We wish to congratulate Michael on offering his insight in amateur radio for those with special needs. He will continue to serve in his local area and can be available by email or phone should you have someone that would like to reach out to Michael to share his story.

Please keep in mind this is not an ADA position, but is a volunteer position to help others see the benefits of utilizing ham radio with challenges or special needs.

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