The Huntsville Madison county Public Library installed a Special system for the death and heard of hearing. This system is run on a Small device that you clip on to your pocket. This device is a welcomed and much needed thing for the hmcpl . Also i must state that Huntsville Main Library is the only library to have hearing loops of this type here in the state of Alabama. I love to look at new Hi-tech stuff. But When I saw this special device all i could say was WOW. Now the death can hear and they can hear with a nice clear sound While still using their Normal hearing aide. Many persons that are death feel left out of events because they can’t hear. But with these new Hi-tech hearing loops that will no longer be a problem for them anymore. I was so happy to be picked as a model of  photo’s with the device as well . In the Pictures you’ll see me and The Library for the blind Staff Member as well. Thank you for letting me be a part of this .

By kf4bog

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