Special Needs Liaison Statement
Alabama Amateur Radio Emergency Service
Date: June 10 ,2010
Dear Laurel best and the board of the Hmcpl , My website http://www.hamradio.tk along with many othere’s used under the .tk domain are being blocked from all users at the library that would like to view my website . I’m able to edit the site from there using the hosting which is http://www.devhub.com . Currently the Ito Group at the Library as been trying to fix that problem . But when you have a website that was working last year on your system and now is blocked because of the .tk domain Which for me is the only one i can use as i don’t have a credit card and i’m unable to buy it with out help . That is why i stick with the free service. I give credit to the It departement for all there heard work and time trying to come up with a fix. But like the It office told me if there blocking your sites . then it’s most likey all domain under .tk are being blocked . I’m asking for your help and support to stop the blocking of donain’s such as .tk domain’s . I should also state that my website was a .net at one time but when the person offering me the service passed on I had to moved back over to the .tk domain . I hope to have your help and support
Michael G. Werner
Volunteer/ADA Helper
Ps. the othere sites under the hosting are
http://www.weatherradio.tk and http://www.kf4bogactive.tk

By kf4bog

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