Special Needs Liaison Statement

Alabama Amateur Radio Emergency Service

Date: March 23 ,2010

Memo to: Huntsville /Madison co. Public Library Board and Director .

Dear Laurel best And the Board of the HMCPL,

First off I would like to thank you for the support that you have given to the special Needs of Huntsville and Madison .I am very happy with the work that has been done since my placement back in 2007 .But there is still More that needs to be done with safety in our Local Library county wide . Why may you ask . There as been alot as far as crime happening when Myself or other special needs persons are in the Library . I am writing this letter to request the following.

1. New library cards with users picture on them as a form of Id

This will show the Library staff members a face with the person on the card.

2 . New check -out system

the old system go’s off if you so much as have a wheelchair go though there.

3. updated Phone system with TTY

For special needs persons that are hearing inparded . But I’m not sure if the current phone system falls under the guide lines.

4. Add Huntsville Police officers to watch over the library.

I thank you again for reading this statement . If you or the HMCPL Board Have any questions you may write me a Email at kf4bog@gmx.com or call 256-859-1708


Michael G. Werner

Volunteer/ADA Helper

By kf4bog

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