Special Needs Liaison Statement
Kf4bog’s Emcomm Website
Date : December 2, 2007

Greeting’s to all ARES Members , As you no the holidays are here and for me it’s time to address you all on the Good things that have happened this year . For me it was the Huntsville Hamfest 2007 and the Big Crowds that showed up during the ARES Meeting’s each Month . I Also would like to thank everyone who check’s in to the Local Training Net every Thursday Night . Because without the Ham Radio Operator’s Who know’s what would happen if we had another bad storm like the one that  hit in 1989 . And I Didn’t have My ham Licence at that time . We still have along way to go this next year in 2008 . I’m Hopeing that you as radio amateur’s will stay radio active .Here are some thing’s that i’ve done for ARES that you Might like to no about

1. The kf4bog’s Emcomm Website was put online this year along with the Getting radio Active website

2. New Online Mailing List system was started for news and updates about district 6

3.  New free weather software was installed this year for faster storm tracking

4.  Redstone Village of Huntsville agreed to start a volunteer program for Person’s with Special Needs in Huntsville Al.
Some Limitations apply.

I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday season . And as always stay weather alert

73’s de kf4bog
Michael Werner

By kf4bog

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