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Date : Febuary 5, 2008

Hello ARES Members ,Here Is what i’ve been up to for January.

Kf4bog’s On the Move in 2008 -2009 Project

Yep I’m on the move Because Where Looking into building a new Home Location In Huntsville/Madison county area . But the land My Mom and dad got is out near highway 72 east on Doug hill rode then tearn on Hambrick drive and there you are . It’s a far cry from where i’m at now but i’ll tell you this Can you say “ Bigger 2metter tower “ Oh ya “ You have to love that . My dad and I would like to no if any member of ares can help with the take down from our current qth and set-up at the new one? It would save my dad alot of time and stress . Again The home has not been done yet i’m just specking from my mind right now . If you are able to help please email me your Name , callsign and homophone .

Kf4bog’s Emcomm Website Support’s Other ham sites

If you haven’t been on the Echolink like me you don’t Notice the Node called do drop in . It is run by a group of hams that just love to talk about anything and everything . to find out more go to http://www.echolinksters.com/ If you click on the crew you’ll see a picture of me click where it says last at the bottom of the list of photo’s .

Getting radio active 2008 program is in work

The Getting Radio active program is in work for the Hamfest this year in Huntsville . I’m also hopeing to go to the one in Dayton if we are able to .

Well that is all I have to report for now . till then

73’s de kf4bog

Michael Werner

By kf4bog

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