The Samsung Gravity 2. is the best phone yet with all it has to offer .
1.A very easy to use Phone .
2. Easy to set-up
3.The E-mail works very well
4. The web broswer works with the phone too,
5. Love the keyboard

Not very Many yet

This Phone is worth the Money.

The The T-mobile Tap is a all around cool Phone . But i still has it’s bugs
1. The software is very slow and lock up and crashes
2. the web browser the tap was no good at all with a blue screen like picture every time you would go on a website
3. The speaker phone is unusable
4. In would not work with the phone


The Only pro the tap had was the long battery life.

I would not buy this phone because after having to send it back 4 times to the T-mobile service I was not happy

By kf4bog

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