Hello Greeting everyone , I hope your holiday was nice . Well I got the a new radio fo my Christmas gift and I would like to share some of the good and the bad About the New Icom ic80AD d-star Ht . This radio is very heard to use and the manuel will not help the first time users of this Ht . My tip is fine a friend from a radio club to help you program it that has the same one . Or download the free programing software and buy the cable for easy programing .This would save you alot of time . The GPS Mic is very cool And work very well to but the set up for that is very timely . But wonce you get all the d-star chanels on the radio you will not wont to leave this rig . in fact some comment from hams where that they sold there Hf rigs because of the worldwide rage of the D-star repeater’s . I’ve used this radio now for 3 time since it’s been program and I have to say for the $400 dollar’s plus price tag this is worth it again here are the Pro’s and con’s

Very light wight
long lasting battary
The D-star repeaters work very well with this radio and can’t forget the local ones as well.
nice sounding audio

Very heard users menual
Need to have the programing cable or software in order to program this radio because of the Menu layout .
All in all this is a good radio .

By kf4bog

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